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The Antlers - The Universe is Going to Catch You

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When a girl dies with her need for affection unmet, she comes back as a cat / A wise man has told me that reincarnation is common in cases like that

Polar night doo-wop


The Pop Culture Elite was a band I play drums in from the early months of 2008 until the summer of 2011. During that summer we lost one of our members in the horrible events on 22. July, our guitarist Sondre F. Dale. In the week following that day we were supposed to prepare and record our first and only album, we thought it would be nice to finish our time together as a band with a proper full length LP. When what I just mentioned happened our plans had to be changed, but we were never in any doubt about making the album. The only change was our reasoning. We had to make the album to not let tragedy be our legacy, we needed the album to make sure that the last chapter in our story had a semi-happy ending.

So, the album was recorded in November of 2011, mixed and mastered in January/February of 2012 and now in December 2013 we release it for the world to listen. For now it’s only digital, but we’re working on making it available on vinyl. Have a listen in Spotify and buy the album through iTunes if you like it!

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Our album is finally out - digitally, at least